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About Me




I’m Amber Blue, from North Carolina,  USA.  I love art, writing, the outdoors, knitting and traveling.  I have three wonderful adult children, whom live in different


Not too long ago I found myself unexpectedly single and with little money. My reasons to stay in the town that I was raised quickly diminished.  My depression was getting out of control as there were too many bad memories and I felt I was in the middle of a magnifying glass.  Everything that had happened in the past seemed to linger due to the location I was in.  I was trying to make sense of it all.  I had so many questions. My mind would not shut off,  and then it made a turn to a very dark side. 

The night of June 22, 2019, my life changed so

drastically that I found I had lost:


  • The person whom I was in love with   

  • The new home we were supposed to move into

  • The home I had lived in 

  • My time with my daughter before she went to college

  • My three dogs had to be re-homed

  • All of my belongings had to be sold with exception of a few items of my grandparents, childhood or my childrens, that were too difficult to part with

  • The items of my grandmothers I acquired after she passed  (4 months before my love passed away), I was forced to sell as I had no room to store them.


I had lived off and on for almost a year, in a camper, housesitting, or sleeping in my car. I then decided I had to make a change, as this alone wasn’t enough.  


The USA is quite expensive to live and I didn’t want  to be here anyway.  I had planned to move to Bali, Indonesia, but Covid had just started.  So I was delayed in leaving. It was approaching a year anniversary of my exes death and I didn’t see staying in the region of North Carolina beneficial for my mental well being.  I needed a distraction.  I began a journey of recovery and created my blog about a solo female living an adventurous and frugal nomadic lifestyle...

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