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Achakar, Morocco

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

We then drove back toward Tangier and ended up on the beach in Achakar.  There we rode camels and had a complete blast.  It was so beautiful with the crystal clear water, and in the background noise you could hear animals calling.  When you followed the sound you would see these oh so cute little camels.  I had never seen a baby camel before.  We decided to go on a camel ride experience and geared up and mounted the adult camels.  You could tell the baby camels were getting excited as they started calling their moms.  As we rode off, you could see them trying to walk our direction, as they did not want to be left behind.  They were tied by their harness so they couldn’t walk away.  They were adorable, but their cries made me sad, even though we were coming right back, they did not know.  It wasn’t long after a really neat ride that they were back with their moms.

After we left here we found the Hercules Cave in Achakar.  It was pretty neat to take a step back in time knowing Hercules once was here!  It was along the ocean and there were vendors to purchase items from.  You could also grab some food and drink as well as rest to enjoy the view.  The caves were really neat to walk and water was running through it.  It was a unique site and worth the visit.  This was our last adventure in Morocco and it was time to head back to Spain.

When we tried to catch the ferry in Morocco the water was too rough because of the winds.  We either had to wait for the water to calm down or get a ride to another ferry.  We took a car to another ferry and after many hours arrived back to Spain.  

Achakar Camel Photos

Hercules Cave

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