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Akchour, Morocco

Hiking, Food and Meditaion

After spending the night in Chechauoen, we drove to the village of Akchour.  There is a wonderful hiking experience from here to some stunning waterfalls, and then another route to ‘God’s Bridge’. There’s basically nothing there and little signage and no cell signal. This lack of signage or maps or coverage did make it very hard to know where to go.  Thankfully our group hired a tour guide, and I would advise it 100%. There were few locals around to ask for directions, as they hardly speak English.  Most of the locals however do understand French. It takes about 1.5 hours from the river to the waterfall.  There you’ll find numerous tiny cafes to buy water, snacks or meals.  It was interesting to see the people who ran these tiny restaurants by the river with little plastic chairs and tables.  They had to carry all their supplies on quite a trek just to open and supply these items for their patrons, but it was really appreciated, as the food and water were much needed once you burn all of those calories and could use rest.  Along the hike you could also jump into the water off of a cliff, which seemed to be very popular with the tourists.  It was a pretty strenuous hike and it was dangerous at times.  It was a great adventure for all of us.

After the hike, we arrived back at the bridge near where we parked our car.  We visited

L'Ermitage d'Akchour, Commune Talembote.  It was an amazingly relaxing view and the most zen of places I’ve ever seen.  I wish to one day visit this place again as it has remained in my soul and I’d love to spend a week with meditation to regain my center.  We had lunch in the restaurant within this small resort.  The food was amazing and the service was divine. 

Photos of Akchour

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