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And I’m off again!

In December, my daughter had graduated with honors from the full scholarship she had received while attending Western Carolina University. Also, she was accepted to attend North Carolina State University for complete her years in Veterinarian education. Her end goal is to receive her doctorate in Veterinarian Medicine, and to have her own business. I have no doubt in my mind she will achieve this without a hitch! I’m so proud of her ability to continue her studies as life for her future is going to be marvelous! Congratulations Peyton!

While I was in North Carolina, my brother had allowed me to stay with him during my other visits and thankfully this time as well. Granted it was great to see him as always, but I had felt physically beaten. I have high inflammation markers in my body, regularly from an autoimmune disease. I have had a lot of pain in my shoulders, which limited me to do a lot of things. I had been in pain for months, and something I was not planning after arriving in the US, was discovering I had no longer use of my prescription coverage. This was a surprise. The insurance company I had for years had canceled my insurance coverage due to not living in the address of coverage. Granted the address listed was only an hour away from my past address. I had actually been driving for years to go back to see my primary doctor, sometimes, 2-3 hours of driving. I like to get my blood checked and recieve the scripts my doctor usually prescribes, but this trip, It wasn’t going to happen. I also made a mistake and forgot to add prescription coverage when the date rolled around to gain this coverage. I had tossed around the idea of not receiving this as I would have to pay quite a bit to gain this coverage, yet I knew I wasn’t planning on remaining in the US, like previous years, I’d pay for nothing. So, I was ok with missing the date, but this meant I would have more suffrage before I could visit the doctors here in Panama.

After being a nomad, I had to receive a traveling mailbox because I don’t want to leave the responsibility on someone else to keep up with my mail. The company is called Traveling Mailbox. For around $15 a month, they will scan your mail, send mail, and cash checks you may receive. It is a win/ win for me as they do a very professional job. Basically it is usually is a RV park with numerous addresses to use, by changing your address with the USPO, It allows them to receive your mail. They scan the mail your received main, then you click on if you want it deleted or open.


So, let me just tell you a little bit about my trip to the airport. First of all, I always have high anxiety flying or crossing boarders via land, or air. Granted I have been checked for ”Global Entry” and posses this pass, it really doesn’t help. poI will have to give all the story in my book, but for now, I’ll just say:

  • a single female, or ticket holder

  • a one way flight to another country

  • one way flight to onward country

  • name matches a “do not fly” name on the list

I’m not a typical traveler like most vacationers. I do feel these flags shouldn’t be the same as the early 90’s. There are tons of nomads these days and covid created a lot more remote workers, so I believe TSA really needs to update their procedures. . Especially after the multiple flags are unwarranted after the questions, hand swabs and searches. I also have been flagged because there is a person with my name that matches a name on the “Do Not Fly,” list. That’s VERY helpful.

I left the house in NC, after ordering a Lyft, because my Uber (which is widely used in Central and South America) this account is having a big problem because I haven’t been able to acquire access. Something about my phone number, already being used, yet I had been able to utilize, Uber Eats. I had written them about this issue, but weeks later, still no response. I’m unsure what means of transportation I will have upon arrival into Panama. Kinda scary, but just another challenge of a day in the life of a nomad.

At the arrival to the airport I was so glad to see there were skycaps, as I thought that was a thing of the past. I’m sure glad they were there. I’m not used to having such large amounts of luggage. This time, I’m carrying all of my belongings in 4 suitcases. Mostly it is because I need cold and hot attire. Ugh! The suitcase big daddy, clocked in at 80 lbs. that accumulated to $200 extra. I still didn’t mind, but I was hoping it was 70 lbs which would’ve been $100. All in all, I’m ultra glad I paid for high fashion clothing at Goodwill. So much for thinking I was saving money. But, I know where I’m heading, from my past year long trip in Panama and 6 months in Mexico, chances are the clothing sizes I need and the value is non existent. I looked like a hobo for too long. I don’t want to dress too nice, as that can attract the wrong attention, so for now, I’m knowing I upped the price to my line of nomad attire.

So it’s official. I’m 100 percent a nomad at this point, I have nothing in the US. There is no going back. I’m excited about what this adventure will be like this trip as I will have a travel partener and I’m a little more relieved because traveling as a solo female, it is very difficult and not quite as much fun. So lets see what this round of traveling will bring!

So, I was unable to use my debit card due to an unauthorized charge that was made while in NC. I had received the replacement card very quickly, so I had activated the card, no problem. I could charge amounts at stores, just no access cash via ATMS, as I had tried to get some at the teller machine at the airport but something was wrong. I called the bank. I was on hold for 20 min. I didn’t want to use my card again because I had already tried 3 times. I’m thinking they will keep the card on the 4th attempt and I don’t need that. Well, while I was on hold on the phone, my phone did something crazy and the screen just went to black. I found I could call another number and it was where you push a button and then add your new pin. So we shall see! Also another oddity is they stated you do not have to change your location for travel. I find that to be untrue, because I had to notify them the charges made in Panama were indeed me.

So, for now, I have been in Panama for a little over a week. I have added footage on my social media pages, so don’t forget to check them out! I will be traveling to South America for the first time, very soon!

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