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Landing in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

This photo was taken near the end of my 3 months camping in Alaska.  It was getting colder as winter was approaching.  I set my sites on Mexico!
I left Alaska after 3 months of camping!

I had written this a while back as I had attempted to write, but was unable to focus long enough to finish, proof read and post. I’m trying to post them now, but just know, but after being in Mexico for 5 months, I will be leaving shortly as my visa is now going to expire. I’m not sure where my next venture is going to be, but I have a few places I have my finger on.

I arrived in Mexico on September 28th, 2020. I feel a bit anxious to find a long term place as I have to be out of the hotel tomorrow. But, I know this is just a minor issue. There are so many beautiful stays in this area of Puerto Vallarta and at wonderful prices especially in comparison to Alaska, whew! A hotel in season $250 a night, here same type place, $26 a night and even less for longer term rental. I couldn’t live without stress of making it financially in the USA. Don’t get me wrong, I #lovetheUSA. But at this time to recover financially, it’s the way I see that I can live happily. It’s very difficult right now and am stressing a bit to keep a place until next deposit, but my chances are better here to make it than US. I’ll be ok, just a bump in the road and it will pass.

I can survive living in areas like this much easier and I have endured camping long enough after close to days of being on the road constantly. It was long and grueling but I have become such a better person by doing this. The USA was riddled with chaos and I no longer wanted to have the people whom I had been involved with in my life creating more issues. I was done with it, so I left at the drop of a hat. It’s amazing with no planning and traveling the way I was that I have only had

This was quite a change in climate for me.  I arrived when it was the summer in Mexico.  It was so hot and humid you could not put on make up and walk out the door without it melting off in no time.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

wonderful experiences since I left behind the USA. And most everything had gone as planned. The best part is I can lay in a bed. I can cook food that is stored so conveniently in an icebox. I can go to the restroom without holding it for a long time, order room service, shower and with hot water, enjoy beautiful scenery and eat like a boss!

Not everyone survives when their loved ones make the decision to introduce them into the afterworld of #suicideawareness. I’ve learned it can happen to people when you thought they were fine. After everything, the best words to describe my feelings, #elation. I’m so very proud of surviving the hell on earth of life after suicide, and I welcome only #positivethoughts from now on. If you feel someone is in a place of high stress due to investments, or lack of funds, and struggling with the issues of day to day or having a lot of family issues, try to take a step back and realize that even though they may appear as though they can handle what life throws their way, sometimes, it is too much for them. If you love them, try to be there for them and support them in finding the help they need.

I lost so many family members and friends as they weren’t there for me. Some people don’t know how to pull people up and I guess that’s a #blessing too that they are now out of my life. #neverforget those who are there in times of #crises as they are your #angelsamongus.

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