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Puerto Vallarta Zoo Trip

What a fantastic trip this was! I was very excited to see a fresh new zoo from what I’m used to at the North Carolina Zoo. I’m very fond of our beach and I would definitely suggest it if you are a zoogoer enthusiast. For something a little more on the edge and one on one with the animals, I highly suggest this experience.

Sadly the zoo on the day I visited, there was one small group that was leaving as I arrived. This was during covid, so they took my temperature and sprayed my body with a spray and lastly I applied some hand sanitizer prior to entry. There was a small gift shop that sold knick knacks, from food to toys. You also could buy food to feed the animals. It was a little bag and it was separately packaged so you can tell which animals eat

The one shocker I found they! I was shocked and glad! I was excited for this new venture and a beer never hurts to enjoy the experience. They do offer a program that is more one on one and it is the cost of $90 USD. I may have to go back and more to come if I do!

"Note: Bring your own toilette paper."

As you enter, there's a central area that holds the centerpiece of a circular turtle exhibit that you can sit around and wait for people utilizing the restrooms. Note: Bring your own toilette paper. The bathrooms were a bit unpleasant and zero toilet paper or paper towels. Just be prepared. After taking a break, it was time to see the gorgeous animals! I felt like a kid all over again!

The exhibits were spread about and there were the cutest babies and a few inches from your fingertips. There were sloths, spider monkeys, hippopotamus, and baboons. The giraffe and lions were very close. It was fun feeding the geese, ostrich, and llamas were a blast feeding. My favorite was the capuchin monkey. Oh how I wish I had a pet monkey. It was a wonderful day! Watch my Puerto Vallarta Zoo Video, coming soon.

Join me on my journey to "Two Beaches in a Row.”(coming soon). It is an exciting area as there are two beaches, Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlan, so easy for a taxi. It is a gorgeous area with lots of adventure. Join me!

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