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Seward, Alaska

I forgot all the good things Seward has to offer. This area has an abundance of charm for most any lifestyle. There are plenty of things to do if your are more of the outdoors person. They offer fishing, hikes, kayaking, wonderful photography, restaurants, bars and many other options. There are many places to hike and beautiful easy walks along the enchanted waterline with mountains in the backdrop. You will find many bald eagles, sea lions, moose, and bears around to view. It is an outdoor paradise!

Once you enter Seward, if you follow the main entrance road you will come to the end by the Alaskan Sea Life Center. Once there make a right and it will take you along a long dirt road along the coast. There is also a huge waterfall to the right and a very pretty smaller waterfall. The drive is along the water. This road will lead you to Miller’s Landing. Here you can take showers as long as you camp there ($1 per token which gives you two minutes). This is the best deal I have seen in Alaska. I’m not sure how much it costs to do laundry, but it usually runs around $3 per wash and dry. It is a beautiful area to relax and unwind after a long drive.

This area is for RV or tent to camp and they do have hookups. They have plenty of firewood and ice. They also have a variety of adventures they offer. I would say this is a definite spot to visit if you have time during your stay in Alaska. It is about a 4 hour drive from Anchorage. Through the week they are not that busy, but during the weekend they can get booked up especially during the summer. It would be best to make reservations in advance.

There are many shops, restaurants and bars to go to while you are here. There are also tons of fishing trips you can go on. One huge attraction is Exit Glacier. You can get close to the glacier and not have to hike very far. Many photo opportunities also exist along the drive. Last year I had seen many moose along the way to the glacier, but I believe due to the heavier traffic and the ease of Covid restrictions, it isn’t as possible.

Below are a few photos/videos

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