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The days have flown by:

I realize I haven't posted in quite some time. I do plan on updating those who read my blogs very soon. I have many drafts written, but not posted yet. I'm currently in Panama and awaiting the next housesit in Santa Fe for two months. This is the highlands of Panama, so I hope it was be much cooler than the 100 degree heat index currently. I had caught something while in Panama City. I had a pretty bad fever which had me feeling really sick and I really didn't even want to go to the doctor. But, I knew if I didn't that it would only get worse without treatment.

The ER charged $350 just to see me. I was feeling as that price was way over priced since I had visited drs in Pedasi, Panama, and the hospital which was much cheaper, like $2-$3. Granted this hospital was full of people as well. There was a private medical office which cost $50 for the visit. There was no one waiting and being seen was fairly easy. After two shots, one to fight off the fever and the other was the regular dose it seems for every three months to fight the infection I have. I have to get the steroid shot, which is no fun as it makes my whole body swell and face puffy. I had also asked for treatment for thrush as that goes hand in hand with the side effects. So after looking at the scripts, it was apparent he had forgotten that. So, I'm feeling the effects and hoping the over the counter meds may help that I have.

I'm heading off grid, about an hour and a half from the next larger town that would offer meds etc. So I hope I get that handled today or tomorrow so I will not be in complete misery. As for now I can feel the razor type cuts all the way down my esophagus. I imagine come tomorrow, it will be in full force, making it difficult to swallow. Ugh, I do hate steroids.

So, over the past months, I was in Ecuador for about a month and a half, posting about that very soon. Then I landed a couple back to back housesits in Gamboa and Santa Fe, Panama. So I finished the Gamboa sit and awaiting the Santa Fe sit after a week off and stayed in Panama City. I'm looking forward to this housesit as it is as I stated off grid and it is on a coffee farm. It should be very interesting for sure. I hope to see much wild life and waterfalls. There are tons of them in this area. The owner even has one on her property.

I'm sorry there are no photos on this post, but there will be many soon. Please check out my other social media as I tend to post there regularly. I hope you are all doing wonderful and I hope to share more very soon.

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