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Time to Fly Away:

I’ve tried painting today. I was trying to stop my body from going nuts on me. I messed it up really good. "Ehh", I thought, no problem. So, here's another attempt at my “self-care”. I’m listening to some awesome new music, which I haven’t listened to at all in about 2 years. I did learn how to download my songs. As when I was off-grid for days on end. I had only a few songs to choose from. I’m writing on here, when I should be doing one of a hundred items that won’t stop swarming and not leaving my head! Then here I am talking about it and I’m stressed. My muscles like

to dance around with my tendons, especially under my shoulder blades, deep in there! It cramps so hard right now. My niece, Maya (thanks Maya) had a cookout at her home which I attended. I had zero appetite due to anxiety and packing everything, but this is the typical me. I'm hoping I will become more adjusted but the week or more before flying to a new place, I get all crazy worried about forgetting something.

I’m fairly, no majorly stressed as I usually get each big move. I left about 50% of my things in Mexico. I didn’t want to pay the excess in baggage. Most of the clothes were what I had used in Alaska and were worn out. I just kept dressing my hiking look, never even laid in the sun with a swimsuit on. Crazy right? The problem was I just didn’t care to. It didn’t matter to me. What did bother me a bit was the fact I couldn’t find “no sun tanner”. That part sucked. The tan I had was just from fishing or walking the beach. Sitting on the sand kills my back and carrying the chair I had was a bigger deal than for most. I just enjoy seeing it, so I would go a few days a week to watch the sunset or sunrise and it would be right near that timing so I would walk a bit to watch it in all the beauty it would deliver.

Anyways, I am currently in Alaska and just trying to update the drafts I already started so I could post them. They've just been sitting here and only needed a little tweaking. I flew with a gun this time. I already had a gun here, but I cannot travel through Canada with that. it becomes very confusing trying to figure out all of the laws in other countries and not bringing in items that are illegal. Haha, not that I have a ton of stuff illegal, but in some countries, certain over the counter medicines, or say things like birthcontrol or a simple knife can land you in a heap of trouble with customs. I like to be best prepared by researching where I'm going so that I can "fly easy".

By the way, I thought I could update fairly frequently but I'm having issues. If you would like to follow me on a daily level and not via my blog, please join me on TikTok.

A few photos from above Alaska flying in...

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